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A place to Celebrate, Preserve and Conserve "Bunya Mountains International Dark Sky Park" 



The dark skies over Bunya Mountains have been celebrated by First Nations People for thousands of years. Surrounded by the dark glossy green foliage  of the world's largest forest of ancient Gondwana era Bunya Pines and at an elevation of 1100 metres, with no street lighting and located 45 minutes away from both Dalby and Kingaroy, Bunya Mountains is one of the world's darkest skies. It is one of the best places in Australia to enjoy the Dark Emu constellation 


Globally, light pollution is growing at 3% annually. This means that most of the world will have lost the ability to see,enjoy and be inspired by stars by 2050. Bunya Mountains Dark Sky Park will preserve the existing light qualities current at Bunya Mountains to ensure that future generations will have the same opportunities to be awe-struck by its dark skies



Bunya Mountains (Bonye Buri) is the 'sacred mountain' of Australia's First Nations Peoples. Placed on the UNESCO Tentative List for World Heritage Listing in 2010, its ecosystems are critically endangered including its rare grasslands and ancient dry rainforests. Bunya Mountains Dark Sky Park will provide essential dark sky habitat for the nocturnal flora and fauna of Bunya Mountains which have evolved in isolation and are dependent on natural light and darkness cycles for their continued survival

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Bruce Thompson -The Dark Sky Warrior

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"If we lose the ability to see the stars, we lose with it the ability to be inspired by stars and the night sky. If we are to understand our place in the universe both as individuals and as a species, it's darkness that guides the way to true illumination." Bruce Thompson - Conservationist, Horticulturist, Consultant Arborist, Accredited Bush Regenerator, Poet/Songwriter, Novelist, Journal Writer, Landscape Designer.........The Dark Sky Warrior

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